Why are passivations obsolete?

To improve corrosion protection, to mitigate the travel and storage conditions that shorten the life of galvanized product, and to improve formability and adhesion properties of galvanized metal, chemtreats and passivations such as oil and Cr3 and chrome-free and even dangerous Cr6 (hexavalent chrome) are applied as treatments at the end of the galvanizing line.  None of these are ever needed again for any intended purpose. As InterCoat®ChemGuard dramatically exceeds the corrosion protection of any zinc or zinc alloy coating (even the heaviest weight) no additional protective treatment is needed.  Ship it, store it, truck it, use it—there is no need for additional protection.

As for formability and adhesion foundation, both are characteristics of the product.  With barrier coatings, oil and temporary treatments, there is additional cost, additional processing steps (removal, for example) and waste and excess.  After the embedded application of InterCoat®ChemGuard and its integration into the zinc, no further treatment or processing is needed.

Passivations are obsolete.