Some things on the internet are fake. What if this is real?

Anyone can make a website and make fantastic claims.  You read outrageous stories all the time that are someone’s extraordinary imagination or grandiose plan for a great shift in how humanity goes about its business.  And the claims on this site are pretty amazing, getting close to unbelievable.  Do you really think a magic product can so coalesce with a thin coating weight of zinc that it 1. Resists corrosion way better than extremely heavy coating weights of zinc? 2. Is so effective that no chemtreat or other passivation is ever needed again? 3. Has such a low coefficient of friction that manufacturing processes are faster, cleaner, with less die wear, great lubricity so you no longer need oil? 4. And it is cost effective and RoHs compliant?

Well it doesn’t seem likely.  But someone spent a lot of time and money to tell this story.  And to have tested it for five years.  And have customers who love it and vouch for its claims. (Read this story about a bus manufacturer.) And I guess we are all invited to kick tires, test it ourself, see if it is as claimed.

On the other hand, I think something is really going on.  And it should be investigated.  If this is true, it really is a technological leap forward. It really is a revolution.  It really will completely change the galvanize industry.