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How Can It Be?

InterCoat®ChemGuard actually links with the zinc at the molecular level; it bonds covalently with any zinc or zinc alloy to completely merge with the zinc so that it cannot be washed off, rubbed off, stamped off or reduced off.  This unique bond is part of the InterReactive® technology that sets InterCoat®ChemGuard apart from barrier coatings (such as paints) and industry standard chemtreatments.

In the diagram, observe the various layers of InterCoat®ChemGuard that are formed during the application process – each layer serves a role in providing extensive corrosion performance, unparalleled edge and perforation performance, and excellent post-paint adhesion.

A True Story…

If you leave any metal outside in the weather it will rust, right?

Well, we abused some nonstructural studs to test our corrosion resistance. We mixed a bundle of studs, some with hexavalent chrome chemtreat and some with InterCoat®ChemGuard. We put them outdoors in the elements near our plant in Gary, Indiana for one year.

When we opened the bundle, would you like to know what we found?

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Inner Bundle of HDG G40 Hexavalent Chemtreat Studs

Inner Bundle of InterCoat®ChemGuard Coated Studs


What about welding?

Especially with heavy zinc (such as G165 or G235) welding can be inefficient and costly. The welding of heavy galvanized coatings requires more energy to get through the additional metal mass, increases replacement frequency of weld tips due to fouling, and can even increase labor costs due to the need to grind away zinc to allow proper welding.  Lower galvanized coating weights in combination with InterCoat®ChemGuard, allows processors to keep costs down and allow welding efficiencies to go up.

Here’s our product on 60G/60G with welds as sound as bare HDG with much better corrosion protection!


Something’s going on…

What about cold reduction by a manufacturer?

This may be one of the most unbelievable characteristics of all. The most extreme evidence of our InterReactive® coating, which is embedded with the zinc and integrated at the molecular level, is the customer who cold reduces excess galvanneal by 50% with no loss of coating.

Imagine the vertical and horizontal forces, yet the InterCoat®ChemGuard remains intact and functioning, providing continuous corrosion protection!


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What about scratching?

Remember the embedded and integrated nature of InterCoat®ChemGuard? Well, it is InterReactive® too, which means if you scratch or scribe it, the zinc that it is bonded with is exposed and self-healing!

Not like paint or barrier coatings—this continues to provide corrosion protection!



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What about Perforations?

Take three pieces of galvanized metal and drill a hole in each one. Put them in a salt spray test for 1,000 hours.

Hot dipped galvanize: 80% red rust on the perforation.

Galvalum: 60%.

InterCoat®ChemGuard: nothing on the perforation!


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Galvanizing is Changing Forever!

What about Real World Outdoors?

Here’s a before and after picture of panels that have been exposed to outdoor conditions for three years.

No Changes!




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What about Real World In Ground?

These panels were buried in the ground in Gary, Indiana for 3 years.

No Changes!




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