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What evidence is there for all these claims?  After five years of testing and pushing the product’s boundaries, there is scientific evidence that heavy zinc—for use as corrosion protection—is no longer necessary.

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No Red Rust at 1,500 hours!




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Well, you say, maybe you had one lucky test.

Not at all.

We have conducted or have had others conduct ASTM B117 Salt Spray tests for years, trying to find a weakness or application that would fail.  The results of these tests can be simply summarized in this graph.

Look at the G30 line

over 2,000 hours!

Here is a summary chart of the last five years of tests:

  • HDG G235 + Hexavalent Chemtreat
  • HDG G165 + Hexavalent Chemtreat
  • HDG G90 + Hexavalent Chemtreat
  • HDG G60 + Hexavalent Chemtreat
  • HDG G30 + Intercoat ChemGuard

 The difference in Zinc required between G235 and G30:


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What about Galvanneal?

At 500 hours—nothing!

At over 1,500 hours, less that 1% white rust—NO RED RUST.


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What about EG?

Look at 30G/30G at less than 100 hours – 60% red rust.

But look at more than ten times longer in the same salt spray cabinet—1,100 hours—maybe 10% red rust with InterCoat®ChemGuard!


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What about stamping?

With increased lubricity — a low coefficient of friction — there is no need for oil to gain increased performance with less force to draw and astonishing corrosion resistance:

A40 Galvanneal Chemphos+oil is typical for automotive stamping and gets to 50% red rust in just 36 hours.

If stamping applications use HDG, a G40 + wet stamping lube can show 10% red rust after 136 hours. But the industry standard LDH Dome Test with InterCoat®ChemGuard on either material goes to 600 hours—as a formed part!

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What about cut edges?

You know how when you cut carbon steel it seems to almost instantly rust on the cut edge? And how hard it is to prevent it using any traditional method?

Well, look at something amazing! This is .070 gauge production material cut after InterCoat®ChemGuard was applied and put in a salt spray box with bare HDG G40. At 144 hours you get what you would expect—rust. But astonishingly, the same metal is pristine on the edge after 2,520 hours.

At 144 hours, you get what you would expect with Bare G40 – Rust
But astonishingly, G40 with Intercoat®Chemguard at 2,520 hours, is pristine
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