Reluctance to be the first or one of the first is natural and understandable. Imagine being an early lobster eater (“are you really going to eat that thing?”) or one of the first passengers on an airplane (“you aren’t going up in that thing are you?”). New means not known, not familiar, not comfortable and therefore not easy to adopt until a critical mass of users have proven that it is okay and clearly an improvement. Driving an automobile scared the horses; CFL bulbs were twisty and funny-looking compared to the familiar incandescent.

There is a comfort in “we’ve always done it this way” — the comfort of experience. Even if a technique or a product or a revolutionary technology is clearly superior, it can take a forward thinker sometimes to try it. Looking for a better approach, an improved process, a clear money saver, is only half of the battle – actually going for it when found is the other half. No one can realize projected savings from an untried idea. Nonetheless, for every entrepreneur willing to take a risk, be on the advanced edge, there are many waiting, holding back, wanting the proof.

Of course, the early adopters get a huge head start, a jump on their reluctant competitors. They start saving big money first, they gain larger market share faster, and the others, playing catch up, have to regain lost customers and follow the leaders. In the case of InterCoat® ChemGuard, early mills applying it to lightweight coatings of zinc do not have to offer passivation, their service center customers and direct buyers of galvanized product get outstanding protection and improved secondary processing characteristics at a lower price.

So it is your choice. Leave it up to another, more entrepreneurial and profit-driven competitor to get the early benefits, and stay with the current technology. As environmental considerations, profit motivation, and standards are being revised, and the customer demand requires change, you can always get on board later. Eventually the standards will change, there will no longer be a product called G235 or Hexavalent chrome; you can get on board then. Galvanize is changing but you don’t have to yet. Some people still send snail mail and some still use a typewriter.