Imagine The Change

Imagine all galvanized, all industries, all applications, all around the world using only HDG G30 with InterCoat® ChemGuard.

The purpose of zinc galvanizing has been to protect carbon steel from corrosion. It has had a useful career.
The need for heavier zinc weights is disappearing, replaced by a technological advancement that provides significant cost savings.

Today the cost/performance profile of galvanized steel is becoming obsolete. It is being replaced by a dramatically more successful approach. The lower zinc/better corrosion protection feature is a primary advantage we highlight. Other secondary benefits that InterCoat®ChemGuard provides may appear stronger than the initial proposition. Imagine the next few years as early adopters are followed by waves of companies, industries, and organizations.


Change Has Come!

  • every door
  • truck bumpers, decks and body
  • electrical conduit
  • furniture, fixtures
  • lawn and garden
  • appliances large and small
  • structural studs
  • hvac ductwork, hangers, frames
  • siding, roofing, ceilings, purlins
  • decking, railings
  • containers of all kinds
  • automotive parts and body

And every other product using galvanized today!